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Welcome to Pinecrest Virtual Academy and our Virtual Classroom Addlexcity

Pinecrest Philosophy

Pinecrest Virtual Academy is a private, co-educational school specializing in individualized education. It is tailored to meet the specific academic, emotional, and creative needs of the student. The teachers at Pinecrest will strive to educate the heart, the hand, and the intellect to face life’s challenges.

Admission at Pinecrest is open to all children. Their race, religion, or creed can be integrated into the school’s learning environment. Each student’s experiences will be valuable in enriching our curriculum. We incorporate hands-on learning into the curriculum. Students have community work experience to learn goal setting that will have meaning and purpose. We let the students explore the awareness of life. All questions are treated seriously and answers are explored together. We believe school must be an enjoyable, non-threatening, and safe environment in which to grow and develop. We will meet each student’s needs by letting them soar in their own direction. We do not believe that school is a place for failure. Students are capable of learning and we require and expect success. No student will be forgotten or left behind.

Mission Statement

It is the vision of Pinecrest to provide students with an educational experience, which teaches the “whole child” to prepare the student psychologically, socially, and philosophically to meet the world and become productive citizens. We will accomplish our goals through our innovative individualized curriculum’s three (3) elements: Academics, “Creative” Courses, and Socialization Activities. The specific goals to which all activities and relationships are directed to are responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. These will prepare the students for a meaningful life and desire for life-long learning.

Pinecrest Creed

Pinecrest Virtual Academy seeks to “educate” their students with the skills necessary to compete in today’s global society. The emphasis will be on thinking, researching, and analyzing. Our staff will consist of caring teachers who believe that all students can achieve. Our school will involve the parents as much as possible. We will listen and make changes, growing to fit the needs of our students.

Educator Marva Collins composed a “school creed” which Pinecrest Academy has adopted. Some excerpts from the creed read as follows:

“Society will draw a circle that shuts me out, but my superior thoughts will draw me in. I was born to win if I do not spend too much time trying to fail. I will ignore the tags and names given me by society since only I know what I have the ability to become. My success and my education can be companions that no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, and no enemy can alienate. Without education, man is a slave, savage wandering from here to there believing whatever he is told.”

Contact Us

For additional information or questions, contact us at

Pinecrest Virtual Academy

Principal: Betty Klug

Second Life and ReactionGrid Avatar name: Betzy Silversmith)

Technical Support: Korey Klug

Second Life and ReactionGrid Avatar name: MrK Grayman

Welcome to Pinecrest

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