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Hello,I’m Betty Klug, the creator of Pinecrest School  and Learning Center.  In 1987 I opened Pinecrest because of the difficulties my children were  having in the public school.  I am a  dyslexic and so are two of my four children and one is ADHD.  I understand the problems, frustrations, and  difficulties that parents, teachers, administrators and the individuals themselves  face every day.

            I  received my B. S. Degree from MSU in Human Ecology, Psychology and Education. I  became a teacher because of my desire to help children with learning  differences like mine. If children are taught properly and in the manner in  which they learn best, I believe, they can experience success more rapidly and  with less frustration. Once I started teaching in the public school, I found  that I was expected to follow the school system’s methods and was often  criticized for my methods. My objectives were often misunderstood but the  students responded well and I succeeded with them when other teachers could  not.

      Finally,  with encouragement from other parents, I started Pinecrest School  in 1987. My mission was to provide students with an educational experience  which teaches the” whole child” and prepares the student psychologically,  socially, and physiologically to meet the world and become productive citizens.  My goal was to accomplish this through an innovative individualized curriculum  incorporating three elements: academics, “creative” courses and socialization  activities. The specific goals to which all activities and relationships are  directed to, are responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness.  I believe, developing these skills will prepare the students for a meaningful  life and desire for life long learning. I  went on to receive my master’s degree in Educational Leadership ( Principalship  & Central Office) from EMU. I am currently working on my PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning.  I now offer seminars for teachers and parents  in order to help them cope with and understand the learning styles of individuals  with dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.

Pinecrest Has Over 20 Years of History


Pinecrest Fonder, Betty  Klug, is currently attending Capella University working on  a PhD degree in Instructional Design for Online Learning.  Ms. Klug received a B.S. Education Degree  “with Honors” in Human Ecology & Psychology and a Master Degree in  Educational Leadership (Administration) from Easter Michigan University.  Ms. Klug is a Dyslexic and through her  personal experiences and passion to improve the educational system and remove  the barriers often experienced by Dyslexic and AD/HD individuals, developed  Pinecrest School in 1987 for AD/HD, and Dyslexic individuals. She teaches at  and is Principal of Pinecrest School.  Past  experiences included teaching Home Economics, Gifted Education, Arts and Crafts  for Adult Education, Home Economist, President of Jaycee Auxiliary &  Regional Director of Personal Dynamics, Owned and operated a wholesale and  retail Florist Business and managed a credit counseling business.  Ms. Klug holds a Michigan Real Estate License  and has been an instructor for beginning Real Estate courses.  She has been an active member and board  member of many business associations, including co-founder and Executive  Director of HERO, org (Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Objectives, a nonprofit  organization for helping Entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve success  through professional training and mentoring, which she and her husband created.  In addition, she has spent a year researching  and exploring the virtual world Second Life and its educational programs.  Ms. Klug is a member of Phi Delta Kappa  educational “Honor Fraternity.”  Ms. Klug  received Business Women of the Year Award in 2005 and was highlighted with a  half page biography in Biltmore Who’s Who.

            Many  of the students that attend my school and learning center are on or considering  drug therapy. I believe most people can function without the aid of  prescription drugs. My approach takes into consideration the whole person, their  physical, mental, and emotional state. I develop programs that cater to the  right side of the brain, which is the creative and emotional side. Since, right  brain dominant individuals’ brains think 400 to 2000 times faster than most  left brain individuals, they have a great deal more problems in traditional  school systems or environments. If they are taught with multitask, creative  projects their behavioral problems are less and their achievements are greater.  Also, very few need the aid of prescription drugs. The key is not to form the  individual to the environment but to mold the environment around the  individual. This may sound difficult but once it’s done, all individuals seem  to function better. If you know individuals with ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia, then  you know they will spend hours doing projects, working on computers or  electronic games. When presented with activities that stimulate their brains  and use their fast pace thinking, they do not show the usual signs of  frustration or distractions.

          We  teach time management, organizational skills, study skills, color coding and  coping skills. We evaluate each individual and use the knowledge of their own  personal insight on how their mind and body works. Then we develop a program to  best suit their individual needs.

Meet Our Staff

Korey Klug: I am from northeast Michigan about 65 miles south of Alpena.  Being from Michigan in these extremely difficult economic times explains why I am going to college.  In addition, my wife is getting her PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning and transferring her private school for AD/HD and Dyslexic learners to the online virtual environment.  She will need a technical support and web design person that can build the web site to meet the needs of AD/HD and Dyslexic individuals, also to help with technical issues that may arise in the virtual environment.  We have already purchased virtual land (a sim) in Second Life's™ Reaction Grid a K-20 education sim and I have been learning how to terraform and build as we set it up for her pilot program and dissertation.  That is why I am taking the Web Design Degree Program.


            I am the president of the board of directors of HERO.org a nonprofit organization.  I am a licensed mechanic, owner/manager & head mechanic of a full service shop.  My other job experiences include market research surveying, exit polling, and educational assistant.  I am ADHD but find the extra energy helpful with many activities.  I have four stepchildren, 11 grandchildren and enjoy spoiling the grandchildren whenever I can.  I enjoy anything on the computer, hunting, camping, anything mechanical, fabricating, and quality time with my wife and grandchildren.

Contact Us

For additional information or questions, contact us at pinecrestlcschool@yahoo.com

Pinecrest Virtual Academy

Principal: Betty Klug

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Technical Support: Korey Klug

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